The Sleeping Revolution


I know that you all have heard that we spend one third of our lives sleeping. So why don’t we spend any time investing in developing the process of sleeping? Since the start of time, just ask yourself, what kind of improvements have we made in the ‘processes’ of our lives? The answer is almost everything, from cooking, to transportation, to entertainment, to exercise, to everything… except sleeping. Sure we have improved the mattresses, but is that it? Are you kidding me? Everything else has become more efficient, easier to access and more convenient, except sleeping. Oh but it’s much softer… great.

Let me tell you what sleeping should be, and what it certainly will be in the future. Actually, the only reason I’m writing this is so that someone will create it, oh and I wouldn’t mind being comped one for the idea. Anyway, sleeping should be an event. Like, “Hey man, I’ll be ‘sleeping’ from 11-7”. Or basically, “don’t try contacting me”. Think about it as like when you are sitting in a movie at a movie theatre. It’s possible to contact me but, seriously, it better be an emergency. Let me explain.

Some things just don’t make sense when you say them out loud. In a world of technology and advancements, say this out loud, “We still spend one third of our lives sleeping on a simple mattress with no noise or light cancellation, no health monitoring, and no way of communicating to society that, “Hey, I’m sleeping, don’t bother me!” Yet, we can fly to the moon. It doesn’t make sense. So let’s start with how this thing will look. Visualize a super-sized tanning bed. The bottom is your most luxurious mattress; I will go into detail later. The top is an interactive screen/computer. When you get into your bed, you will link your phone to the bed, schedule your sleep time, and close the bed to engage the noise and light cancelation, essentially linking your body to the sleep system. Now that you have the visual, I will explain the specific features that are included.

Who cares about health?! Uh, well everyone. So first and foremost let’s discuss the health benefits. The mattress and bed system will be the best version of a sleep monitoring app/Fitbit that you have ever experienced. It will monitor everything in your sleep atmosphere, from your heart beat, respiration rate, time to fall asleep, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep cycles, the list goes on and on. Your bed is a computer that tracks your every sleep minute of every night or nap. You will learn more about yourself and probably why you are so sluggish at work so often. Have I talked about how critical the proper amount of sleep can be when it comes to functionality? Ah, that is for another discussion. Your regular mattress just turned into your health monitor for a third of your life. Now think about that.

Ok we are moving on, well kind of but back to the mattress. Yes, obviously it’s the most comfortable thing you have ever imagined, but it’s much more. It will have the vibrating/stimulation options to progressively fall asleep, come awake, or the constant feature if you are one to fall asleep when you ride in a car, maybe call it ‘vehicle mode’. I mean, who isn’t someone who can fall asleep in a vehicle? Along with all of that, it should have microscopic air vent holes to help the air circulation of the ‘bed room’. Get it? I mean, it will be a closed environment so proper air circulation and oxygen levels are important. Now your health is being monitored and you are in a controlled atmosphere, sounds about right doesn’t it?

I fore mentioned that your phone needs to link to the bed system. Enter sleep mode. You link your phone; schedule your sleep time, including progressively falling asleep time and wake up time. And then let the system do the rest. Obviously you can change the settings but the ideal mode would be that text messages, emails and app updates are silent. However, incoming calls will be prompted by a sleep message that will state your scheduled sleep time, and maybe even your sense of sleep importance. This message is heard by all incoming callers and they are then prompted with a message that will provide the option of an emergency call (it better be important). If they choose that option it will bypass all sleep settings and you will be woken up by the virtual system. Oh, what virtual system you ask?

Now, when you go to ‘bed’ and close this sleeping system, you are engaged by are virtual touch screen, interactive computer system. You schedule your sleep time, fall asleep and wake up settings, atmosphere, environment and everything. If you want to fall asleep under the stars in the forest over a 30 minute time period, you can do that. Or you can fall asleep in outer space in 5 minutes. Everything from the light, to the noise will progressively accommodate your scheduled sleep settings. Duh, that only makes sense right?

But that’s just the sleep setting. Obviously this virtual screen would have to include television, internet, and a mock ‘Siri’ option if you don’t feel like typing on the keyboard. Imagine any setting, sound or place in the world and you can choose the length of time to fall asleep there. Wouldn’t it be easier to have awesome dreams if you are sleeping in your ideal environment?

I’m sure I’m missing a ton of potential features but the point is that, why are we still only selling mattresses?! We should be selling sleeping systems just like we sell entertainment systems, or vehicle packages. Sleeping should be an experience! We take our sleep for granted and all of our lives could benefit from a better sleep system. What is taking so long to develop this critical process of every single person’s life? I’m tired from writing this.