Stop Making Fear Based Decisions!


Have you ever listened to a motivational speaker? I mean, a REALLY good motivational speaker or youtube clip? They really get you going. I actually start believing in myself when I hear some of those speeches. The bad part is when I get home after hearing one of them. Oh yeah that’s right, nothing actually changed except my bank account. And I’ll probably have trouble sleeping tonight now because I’m pumped up. The real reason most of us don’t embrace change is because we are scared. But what are we scared of? If you don’t like where you are right now in life, then why are you afraid of changing it? If I had to summarize what most of those speakers are trying to say it would be to stop making fear based decisions and just believe in yourself!
Stop putting your problems aside and start attacking them. Eventually you always have to deal with them anyway so why not now? In fact, sometimes the sooner you deal with your problems and the more aggressively you deal with them, the more quickly they leave and less likely they are to return. Let me put this into sports lingo as you all know that I enjoy doing. 

Tom Brady (or Peyton Manning) vs. Aaron Rodgers:

First let’s look at simply their physical attributes. Stand all three of them side by side and throw a football for distance, accuracy, run a 40 yard dash, see who can jump higher, and on and on. Aaron Rodgers wins every single one of them, aaaand it’s not even close! I would even argue that Aaron is just as smart as Peyton or Tom. So what is the difference? Any couch quarterback’s lazy answer would be that it depends on the quality of teammates surrounding them, but it’s actually their difference of leadership styles. And these different leadership styles will expose to you the difference of attacking your problems or waiting for them to attack you. 

Do Peyton Manning and Tom Brady make their teammates better? Well… when Peyton can connect on a deep ball the answer is yes. Listen, when one of Tom or Peyton’s receivers doesn’t run the right route, or one of the linemen don’t block the right scheme you know what happens? The next thing that you see is them getting into the grill of that teammate on the sideline, yelling. It’s not comfortable, but it’s good leadership… In the football sense. I’m not saying that this directly translates to the workplace. You can’t exactly start yelling in the face of your coworkers or employees because they made a mistake, but you need to approach your problems with this mentality and teach them to do the same. 

You know what Aaron Rodgers does when one of those things happen? He rolls his eyes and makes a condescending comment to himself without ever confronting the problem directly. He doesn’t attack the problem. Now take a guess who isn’t going to make the same mistake the next time out on the field, and who is? And who is going to respect their quarterback going forward and who isn’t? It’s simple, passive aggressive is not the way to be an effective leader and it’s not the way to approach your problems. If you are a leader that doesn’t attack your problems, how can you expect that out of your employees? And if you are an employee who doesn’t attack your problems, that’s probably why you are still just an employee. Stop being Aaron Rodgers. 

Now you have the right mentality to approach your problems, but let’s make sure you are spending that energy wisely. What I mean is, make sure you are channeling that anger correctly. Why do people get angry about something or at someone and then take their anger out on themselves? That doesn’t make any sense. But then again neither does imitation beer or decaffeinated coffee and there is a market for those so what do I know? But I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one, make yourself better, not worse! 

We all get angry all of the time and I probably do more than you, so why wouldn’t you learn to use it to your advantage? I don’t understand why people will channel anger to something destructive to themselves, for example smoking, drinking, or worst of all, losing your drive and passion! Don’t quit on yourself, the only way that you lose in today’s world is by attrition. If you don’t quit you won’t ever lose. Instead, channel that anger toward making yourself better, so you can then beat or resolve the problem that originally made you mad in the first place, then you win. Don’t let a problem bring you down, get angry and use that as motivation to beat it.

Alright let’s summarize. You are on the brink of becoming a new person! (Especially if you read my earlier articles) (-plug-) … You are going to stop being passive aggressive because that sucks as a leader and quite frankly it’s annoying. And you want to win as many Superbowls as Tom Brady, not Aaron Rodgers. No but seriously, attacking your problems REALLY will eliminate them faster and make them less likely to return. Once people start to realize your approach to new issues, they might even resort to resolving it themselves before putting it on your plate. And start channeling your anger to make yourself better instead of worse. If you finished reading this…I think you owe me a check for being your anger management counselor.