Patience Is Not A Virtue

Patience Is Not A Virtue.png

Virtue: noun; 1. a behavior showing high moral standards: Paragons of virtue. 2. A quality considered morally good or desirable in person: patience is a virtue. 

We have all heard it before. How patience defines a virtuous person. I disagree that patience somehow signifies virtue. How can a simple trait such as patience represent high moral standards in a person? Wouldn’t a better example of a virtuous person be in the decisions that they make on a regular basis? Or the type of people they hang around? Maybe even the things that they DON’T decide to do? But for someone’s patience to be the deciding factor of whether they have high moral standards or not? I argue that patience doesn’t determine a person’s moral standards at all, it is simply a characteristic.

Personally, I want things now. Not tomorrow or a year from now, I want them now. Hyper aggressive people view patience as a kryptonite. Why do I have to wait for something that I know I want or can do right now? If it’s not right, I like to learn the hard way, by failing trying. 

Sports progress so slowly. With numerous practices before you are ever even allowed to play in a real game that matters. They even eliminated the options to go straight from high school to the NBA recently! Relationships progress so slowly. Today it requires days of texting followed by talking on the phone, followed by dating and three years later you think about marriage. Careers progress so slowly. You go to high school, followed by college, followed by an internship before you finally enter LOWER management. Ugh. If you last long enough you might make it into middle management where most of us end our careers, but if you are lucky enough to make it into upper management, you surely are at least in your 40’s or 50’s. Just in time to last a decade or so before you ride off in the sunset of retirement. It seems backward to think that the time when you are in your mental and physically prime combined, most us are stuck in mediocre roles. 

Benefits of aggressive: instead of talking about how wonderful it is to be patient, let’s talk about how beneficial it is to be aggressive. Don’t you know that aggressive always wins? Haven’t you heard the saying that good guys finish last? It’s because nice guys are usually patient, and patient finishes 2nd. What is at the core of patience? Is it good moral ethics? Or is it reluctance, hesitation and fear based decisions? Being reluctant doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but it doesn’t mean that you are a virtuous person either.

What is at the core of aggressive? Confidence, fearlessness, and a lack of patience. The people who take the most ricks are the ones who reap all the rewards. The best fruit is always out on the farthest limbs. Does being an aggressive person make you less virtuous? No way! Aggressive people get a bad rap. Just because I am willing to jump out of my seat to go after something that I want shouldn’t qualify me as less virtuous.

It’s an old saying that people hold on too and it simply isn’t true. Virtue is decided by many factors but patience isn’t one of them. Are you willing to go out of your way to help someone else? Do you make good decisions on a regular basis? Do you hang around good people and consistently represent good ethics? These are the traits that qualify a virtuous person, but not patience. “Patience is a virtue” is nothing more than an excuse for hesitate people, an easy slogan that they can use to convince themselves that not going after the things that they truly want is right. But it’s not right, it’s the easy road and it’s why you will always finish second place to aggressive people.