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Go Get Promoted!

Have you ever wanted to make more money? Of course you do. I guarantee that this article will get you promoted if you follow three easy steps. Easier said than done right? Maybe the problem isn’t that you aren’t trying hard enough, but that your efforts are in the wrong place? Or maybe you are just lazy? Either way I know how you can make more money. And it’s not going to take more than a few simple paragraphs of reading to learn. If you are sitting around complaining about why you deserve to get a raise but it never happens, chances are that the problem is your mindset. This is the most common reason why people fail to get promoted. This type of person works every day under the impression that they are working for another person or company. Wrong! Well, technically you are right but your thinking process is wrong. Start believing that you are working for yourself. Work every day for yourself, and to make you better at your craft. It doesn’t matter if you are operating a crane, answering a phone, or teaching a class, you are building a better ‘you’ one day at a time. And that is the truth. No matter whether you are a trade worker, manager, stock trader or doctor, if you start worrying about everything else around you, it will slow down your own personal progress. Don’t worry about anything but yourself… I’m encouraging selfishness.

Now that you are in the right, ‘selfish’ mindset, let’s break another thinking mold that you are stuck in, with step #2. I’m talking about the ‘bare minimum’ mentality. Quite frankly, I hate this style of thinking. Imagine if everyone in the world had a bare minimum mentality? What would happen to our progress!? But ok, before I start a rant, let’s make this simple… What is the easiest way to break the ‘bare minimum’ mentality? Stop working for the COMPANY and start working for YOURSELF! Now it’s easy to break the bare minimum mentality. Begin to track this progress by doing one extra thing each day, something that is completely unexpected and outside of your job description. Trust me; it will go a long way.

What happens when you begin to do more than is expected of you at work? The perception starts to form that you are bringing more value to the company than others around you. And a rule of thumb in almost ANY industry is that the more talent/potential/ability you bring to the company, the more leverage/baggage/leeway that you are given. Think about this in sports terms.. (As you are starting to realize, I like mixing sports and business for my analogies). In any sport, the star player is allowed to get away with more wrong doings and still play in the game. Why? Because in sports just as it is in business, you want your best people in the lineup as often as possible. This is a harsh reality, but a reality for sure, and it makes sense. You need your best people playing in the game if you want to achieve the highest success.

Alright, moving on to step number three. Remember, if you follow these three steps, I personally guarantee a promotion, and if not… I have an emergency step #4. But first, step #3, STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Yes that’s it. Let me explain to you what any type of excuse, translated, sounds like to a boss… “I’m at my capacity and thus, unable to figure out a way to achieve what you are asking”. I know this may sound harsh, but the reality is that this type of response never gets promoted whether it is true or not. I know, I know, 99% of you are CRYING out right now that, “Well my boss asks things of me that are impossible!” And maybe that is the point. Are you at least willing to make an attempt, or just immediately give up? All of us have had that boss that at one time or another may ask something unreasonable of us. Guess who doesn’t try to be the first person to point out the obvious factors that might hinder you from achieving this? The guy who gets promoted, that’s who.

Now your new way of thinking sounds something like this: Excuses don’t exist in your playbook. Any excuse that you make is your way of telling your boss that you are at your capacity, and that’s the last thing that you want. It’s called having ‘limitations’ and the only way to break through these is by utilizing a ‘Figure it out’ mentality. You never respond ‘no’, even when failure is certain. You will die trying before you quit. You never lose because you never quit. Ok ‘coach’, I’ve heard this speech a million times before… back to the point. Stop always making excuses! Yes I know you aren’t going to always get it right but just making an effort and exhausting all of your resources before coming to the conclusion that it can’t be achieved, is the difference between someone who gets promoted and someone who doesn’t. (Although I believe there is always a way to achieve anything if you try hard enough).

Ugh alright let’s finally wrap up this long book… So none of this is working? Really!? First, I would challenge whether you are actually following all of the steps properly, but IF YOU TRUELY ARE and you STILL aren’t getting promoted?! Well then it’s time to push the emergency button! Parental discretion is advised. Please only use this in a desperate situation. It may or may not work, based primarily on whether you followed the previous steps correctly or not. Assuming that you have and still aren’t promoted:

Step #4: Emergency Button: Go get another job and put in your notice! Leaving a long enough notice is essential. You must allow time for a counter offer to be made, (which you have actually anticipated If you have followed all of these steps properly, your employer won’t have a choice but to make an offer to keep you. I must warn you though, that you must have a gamblers mentality when you give your notice. Only if you truly find another job worth acquiring, is your notice worth any leverage. And only if you have followed all of these steps, are you going to be valuable enough for the company to want you back. You don’t want to be caught in a situation when you get another job in hopes of a counter offer at your current employer… aaaaaand then that never happens. You just didn’t listen.

Now stop complaining and starting getting promoted. I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind making a few extra bucks…

Ps. It doesn’t hurt to be competitive. After all, we all work for a business that is trying to make more money than its competitors.