Food For Thought..

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The Debate of Food for Hobby vs. Food for Survival

It all started in the early 1980’s, the modern day debate, or should I say ‘decision’, of whether food should be consumed as a hobby or only for survival. Out of nowhere, food became a delicacy that transformed into a hobby in New York City. All of a sudden, entrees became the same price as airline tickets! Yeah I think that sounds like about the time that we can officially say food, as a hobby, arrived. And it remains today, but I warn you that it won’t last forever. Before I begin, let’s all recognize that we take this problem for granted. Not too long ago we only consumed food as a JOB. We never even had a choice in the past; food was a difficult task to accomplish. Now I’ll step off my high horse but later I’ll tell you about the future of food… when cooking becomes a thing of the past.

The real debate here is what’s better; consuming food as a hobby in life, or only consuming it for survival purposes. I’ve experienced both in my lifetime and I must say that those Banquet, Salisbury steak meals areeeee pretty amazing! But I won’t reveal my answer until later. My dad always told me, all good things take time… But I never really listened to him so maybe I should tell you now. Na. I guess that I should explain each before I start telling you which is better.

So a lot of us consume food as a hobby. It’s very fun and in our world of technological assistance, this is possible. You can even utilize this to your health and financial advantage. It’s called cooking at home. It’s wonderful isn’t it? You get to eat wonderful food at your own convenience, with your own sweat dripping over that stove. Well it’s not actually THAT hard but it is time consuming. My mom used to always sell me on how hard she sweated over the stove every night whenever I wouldn’t finish my meal. Well now I come to find, it’s not really that hard at all! But I will give you the fact that it’s time consuming and annoying. I’m starting to leak my answer out here. I’m not exactly one of those health junkies that can spit out all of the benefits that cooking at home can bring for you, but I know it’s real. This crowd experiences health benefits but you are losing valuable time in your daily life. Imagine what more free time in your daily life could mean? We all complain that the days aren’t long enough, well here’s your solution.

Food for survival crowd, stand up! It may start to be obvious which side I’m on here but ugh, this side is so expensive and unhealthy!! Yes it is, and that sucks. It’s expensive. I like to say that I eat well, but that’s only when I order the salmon from Ruby Tuesday’s with the broccoli and mashed potatoes. Now THAT is healthy.. At least in my life. But that costs money. I’m sure that you can cook that same meal at your house for considerably less than $14.99, plus my 2 beers, plus my ‘over’-tip (because now I’ve had 2 beers) and basically it quickly becomes expensive. In addition to the price, it’s obviously unhealthy. Often on the days that I don’t choose the tilapia from Ruby’s, it’s McDonald’s, or those savory Banquet meals that I for mentioned. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all of this unhealthy this and expensive that, but do you know what this side gives you? Time. And time is priceless. The rabbit is finally out of the hat, I’m on this side. My time is priceless, because I spend that time developing other hobbies or going the extra mile at work. My theory is this; I can develop better hobbies than food, more productive hobbies that can be monetized. To be honest, I think cooking can sometimes actually be more expensive than eating out. Banquet meals and McDonald’s are pretty cheap! So now I can save money on food and spend this new found time figuring out a hobby that I can later monetize? Yes please, I’ll choose this side. All of you food ‘hobbyists’ are limiting your personal growth and development by reducing the time that you can spend on other things. Duh.

Alright now I’m going to spill out to all of you the harsh reality. That is, this fun debate/problem will only be experienced by our recent generations! Very soon, cooking food won’t even be an option! Yeah, I’m not kidding. If you are 60 years old or below, chances are that you will experience some of these technology phenomenons in your lifetime. Energy will become free, which sounds absolutely crazy but it will with solar energy, along with other soon-to-be advancements that will take energy to a level that we have never experienced. With free energy will then come free water. The only thing that we need to produce free water is free energy to effectively desalinize it. Now energy is free, water is free, what’s next? Along with all of these advancements will eventually lead to FREE FOOD! This brings me to my roundabout point here. By the time free food arrives, our technology will advance to the point that cooking is obsolete. Everything will be done my machines. Just imagine, elaborate, healthy meals served right to your mouth… now that’s my kind of bed service.

So unfortunately, this hobby will come to an end within the next 25 years. Our agricultural advancements will take food processing to a new, free level. Think about it, everything that our parents used to hate doing is being developed by technology. Pretty soon most of our labor force jobs won’t even exist, but I’m going to stick to one topic. Technology is going to advance the food that we eat, the way that we eat it, and the way that it is prepared. Machines will be creating, cooking, and preparing our food in the very near future. So go ahead and get excited! All of our lives are going to become easier and healthier. We will soon all get the best of both worlds! But not yet, and as far as I’m concerned, all this technology talk means that my approach wins for now. All of you food ‘hobbyists’ are going to be short lived! But until the future comes, I’ll continue to enjoy those healthy restaurant meals ‘to go’.