Cut Out The Fat

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Cut Out The Fat


Ahhhh it’s that moment when you just get home from work. I’m usually exhausted so I kick back take my shoes off, turn on the tv and pet my cat. The go to channel was always ESPN. Five o’clock would quickly turn into six o’clock, into seven o’clock, and before you know it eight o’clock was here and I hadn’t even gotten a shower yet. Now I have to quickly jump in the shower and go somewhere for dinner (I don't cook) if I want to be settled down by a reasonable time and asleep by 10pm. What just happened to my evening? I didn’t get anything done and I can’t even remember what I just watched. I wouldn’t achieve anything all night and before I knew it my alarm clock was ringing to wake up the next morning.

Those same weekday evenings would also be the summary of my entire weekends before I recently changed my mindset. I used to yearn for days full of nothing to do. I thought that those were the best days that you could ever have. Lately I've realized that a day full of nothing is worth exactly that, nothing. You need to do something. And once you realize that you have to do something, you start to wonder how can you do more? Quickly, you start to realize all of the unnecessary things that are around you in your life, all of the things that are hindering you from achieving more on a regular basis. I’m talking about all of the ‘fat’ in your life.

When I say 'fat' I'm talking about anything in your life that doesn't directly add to your top or bottom line. And by top and bottom line I mean:


Top Line:

adding directly to your own personal growth and development

Bottom Line:

assisting or helping the growth and development of others.


I’m just more familiar with business terms and it’s easier to say.

What was my solution to the week day evening tv daze? I have eliminated my cable, and live strictly off Netflix. I’ve noticed two things since making this change from cable to Netflix only;

  1. I watch substantially less tv than before.

  2. What I’m watching is more specific to what I am interested in and more informational.

The ability to turn on cable tv and never change to channel or show all night makes you much more vulnerable to watching it for long periods of time. With Netflix, everything is an episode and when it ends you have to pick whether to begin a new one or not. That small level of tediousness actually reminds you to do something other than just watch tv all night. In addition to watching substantially less tv, the things that I’m watching are much more beneficial. Instead of Sportcenter rolling across the screen for 6 hours straight, I’m watching an episode about the Egyptian pyramids or the universe and actually learning something from it. It doesn’t help me with my water cooler conversation the next day in the office but after 30 years of watching touchdowns and diving catches they all just look the same to me?

At work I'm taught to delegate as many things as possible. If the task at hand doesn't add directly to the top or bottom line of the business (unless it's something that only I could be responsible for) I am too delegate it. This approach has proven to be very successful not only at my job, but also in my personal life.

So if you don’t have a hobby other than watching tv, go find one! Preferably one that can earn you an income and spend your evenings and weekends doing that! Watch a show that you will learn something from instead of cartoon or sports. The more information that you learn the more valuable you are to yourself and society. And the less ‘fat’ that you can cut out the more meat (information) that you can fill it with! So I’ve listed some of the top items that I think most people can cut out of their lives:


Bad Friends:

Why are you wasting your precious time in life with people that you don't thoroughly enjoy being around? Or people that aren’t helping make you a better person? Bad influences are a cancer to your character and personality. Eliminate them immediately. Your parents were right when they told you growing up that negative people rub off on others. Ever hear of the saying, "you're the definition of your 5 best friends?" That applies here. 


Bad Habits:

Up to and including, smoking or any tobacco, drugs, etc. These types of things are twice as detrimental to you. Not only are you wasting your valuable time and money in the moment, you are wasting future moments by diminishing your health. I don't need to go into much more detail here.



Cable is bad for your health. Netflix is quite sufficient. Eliminate your cable you will watch less tv and only watch the things that truly interest you. Learn something!


Video games:



Small Talk:

We've all passed a coworker in the hallway and exchanged this conversation, "Hey, (random name) how are you? Oh I'm great how are you? Oh I'm great!"  Yes that conversation is entirely pointless. Admittedly I still do it myself but I recognize it's pointless. And I only do it in the hallways. 

Instead, have a deep conversation. Reference a conversation that you had previously or inquire about something new. Take something away from as many conversations as possible. Learn something about that person or try to learn something from them in every conversation. It’s that simple. If you have this mindset then none of your conversations will ever be small talk.



It wastes your money, time (unless you can utilize this time to properly network) and consistently puts you in a bad situations. And bad results always come from bad situations. I can count the number of success stories from drinking on one hand, I don’t have enough fingers to count my failures.


Professional Sports Teams:

Answer one question; how does your favorite sports team actually affect your life? I mean literally? On a daily basis? The answer is that it doesn’t. Sports are completely irrelevant to your life. The only significance they have is whatever you decide to give them. The best response that I've ever heard to this question is that it leads to awesome parties that weekend. That's the best…? Is that worth all of the pain and suffering that all you sports fans go through when your team loses 95% of the time? Ugh.


Social Media Overload:

Use social media for the right reasons; networking, learning, etc. not the drag of pointless and useless information that most of it has become. Social media is the modern age TV; you can participate in it for hours and never learn a single thing. Don’t become addicted.

The better you are at life the better your life can be. All of these things are the ‘snack foods’ in your life. The fewer snacks you eat the more weight you can keep off. The more weight that you keep off the healthier you are. And the healthier you are, the more that you can achieve. I’m still a sucker for Reese’s peanut butter cups though… :)