Alcohol Makes You Dumb, Confidence Makes You Smart


Although I could make the argument that some alcohol intake can increase your confidence, which then makes you smarter, but don’t fool yourself that’s only because all the people around you are drunk too. What happens is that you THINK you are smarter, so you speak with more confidence and SOUND more correct.  Soooo even drunken confidence albeit, is confidence nonetheless. This then results in other people thinking that you are intelligent and so they are more inclined to listen to you. If a confident person tells you the same things as an unconfident person, you are more inclined to listen to the confident person. I certainly am better at asking out a beautiful woman after a couple drinks when my words seem to flow out of my mouth as smooth as a Steph Curry jumper versus, when I’m sober and everything seems even more c l u n k y than a DeAndre Jordan free throw. Either way, neither are very successful so maybe I should just stick to my point. Confidence makes you smarter! (Not necessarily better at asking women out).

Confidence is the belief in yourself, but oddly enough, a belief in yourself can influence others to be more likely to believe in you also. Let‘s begin with an analogy to help you better understand the point that I’m trying to make. Try to keep up. For this example, we will use the sun as the equivalent to all of our own natural ability, and confidence is the equivalent to a magnifying glass. We all have our own ‘sun’ of ability, and we all have our own ‘magnifying glass’ of confidence but they all vary in brightness and focus. The amount of ‘sun’ or ability that you allow to shine through in your daily life/actions, is determined by how focused your ‘magnifying glass’ is, or how much confidence that you have. Get it? The stronger and more focused that your magnifying glass is, the closer you are to achieving your full potential and allowing the full brightness of your own ‘sun’ to shine through to the rest of the world.

Now, unfortunately most of our magnifying glasses aren’t as focused as they should be. Most of us are insecure, and never actually reach our full potential. Our internal ‘suns’ never get to fully shine through to the world… what a shame! If you don’t believe in yourself and what you are saying/doing, then why would anyone else? Nothing said without any confidence will ever sound very convincing.

Then there is the other side of the spectrum. We all know a person or two that we would consider ‘overconfident’ or ‘cocky’. These people may have a stronger ‘magnifying glass’ than they do a ‘sun’. This is a better problem to have, because at least these people are getting the most out of their abilities, but it’s still a problem. This type of person could benefit from scaling back the intensity or confidence in their magnifying glasses because they can be annoying and arrogant to the rest of us. Not to mention when you hold that ultra-focused magnifying glass on a poor little insect it kills it! Don’t kill your own livelihood at opportunity because you are arrogant and turn off other people from you. We have all heard the saying “don’t burn your bridges”, and that’s because life is looooooooooong, and just when you think you’ll never encounter someone ever again, they resurface and you need them. Arrogance is an easy way to burn your bridges.

Now that we have established your own personal magnifying glasses of confidence, let’s discuss how we can increase your confidence and sharpen up your lenses. You have brightness (ability) that is being blocked out by a cloudy magnifying glass (or lack of confidence). Believe it or not, confidence doesn’t actually make you any smarter, it just gives off the impression that you know what you are talking about. So how can you improve your own confidence while simultaneously winning over influence from others?

Success will help you achieve this phenomenon. The more success that you achieve at work/home/hobbies/sports/anything, the more powerful your influence becomes. People often tend to believe that due to your past or current successes, that you must have the knowledge and knowhow to achieve success in the future. Even though we all know that isn’t always the case.

I’ve experienced several different situations throughout my life when I have had the opportunity to experience both sides of the spectrum and I must say that being on the successful side is much better. When you are unproven and unconfident, you can make a suggestion or comment that will go in one ear and out the other of your audience. Basically you aren’t taken very seriously. But as soon as you achieve some success and change the narrative of what other think of you, all of the thoughts and opinions change from ‘questioning everything’ to ‘believing anything’.  And you didn’t get any more intelligent at all, you just had some success.

Experience some success at your sport/hobby/career and just like MAGIC; now you are smarter at everything else! Is this really true? Well I would love to think so, but then I’ll catch myself saying something really stupid in a conversation and I’m quickly brought back down to earth and reality… No, you won’t actually get any smarter (maybe a little bit) but you’ll become more confident, convincing, and all of that along with the newly affected perceptions from others (because of your success) has led to what SEEMS like a more intelligent YOU. But let me assure you that you are not any smarter at all, simply more confident.

So I guess I should apologize, after reading the title to this article you might have thought that I found the first ‘Limitless’ pill to instantaneously make us all more intelligent, but I haven’t. What I have discovered however, is how to change the opinion of others. Act confidently (even if it’s fake at first) and others will start to believe you, then before you know it, you start believing in yourself. Walla…look at that, you just fooled yourself into being smarter.